Friday, July 8, 2011

Lets see how much we've grown!

I can't believe that's already been one month since Molly's wedding, when my last baby bump picture was snapped.  I guess I better have Brad take at least one more picture before this little lady makes her debut. 

I thought it was time to update the baby bump series with the two latest pictures: 32 & 34. 

So funny to look back to mid-pregnancy when I felt so fat : )  I can't believe how much this belly has grown...and, not to jinx myself, but not a single stretch mark (yet), which you know I attribute to the best lotion ever.  Pricey, but worth it.

I'll be sure to have my photographer snap a 38 week picture this weekend...and maybe even a 40 week picture if we get that far (which I'm thinking we will since there have been NO signs of labor thus far)!


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  1. Beautiful, Meg! I love how you captured the process and now I am eager to see the end result!